Friday, September 6, 2013

Keeping the Community and its Economy Healthy

The nation's network of over 1,200 Community Health Centers offers a successful model for health care delivery that result in both improved patient access and significant local economic returns. In a new article by Capital Link in Communities & Banking magazine and an infographic available here, we report that health centers have collectively generated more than $23.4 billion in total economic activity for their local communities—an increase of 17.5 percent since 2009.

The analysis shows that health center growth benefits communities in multiple ways. Not only are health centers expanding access to care, they are stimulating the economy of their neighborhoods by building or renovating facilities in underserved areas, often with the benefit of adding employees.  Economic benefits result from the capital investment itself, from the growth of the health center’s operations and by attracting other development projects like pharmacies, banking facilities and retail upgrades. Health centers also purchase goods and services from local businesses, creating a ripple effect of additional economic stimulus throughout the broader community. Several New England health centers, profiled in the article, are excellent examples of how health centers offer quality care and stimulate the economy.

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