Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Resource Explores How Health Centers Can Measure and Improve Performance

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There is a great deal of truth to this adage, especially in today’s health care environment where health centers have an even greater need to employ efficient and effective management techniques. To achieve improved performance, health centers need to assess what they do and measure how well they do it. But what should be measured? How do they interpret the data? And, how can this information be transformed into decision-making? 

High-Performance Community Health Centers: Learning, Measuring, and Achieving helps answer these questions by exploring the transition from data to information to knowledge to action with the goal of achieving a high level of performance. This guide, developed specifically for health center staff and boards, discusses the difference between calculating outputs and measuring outcomes, and reviews the basics of “change management,” explaining how to identify what’s important and how to transform limited resources into significant improvements. It also describes the importance of measuring, benchmarking, and evaluating all organizational activities, providing an introduction to the tools needed to attain “high performance.”

Health centers and PCAs can access this resource, which was developed with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration, on our website at